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The Weekend Furlough – It’s Not The Flavor, It’s The Texture…

The Weekend Furlough - It's Not The Flavor, It's the Texture...

When the weekend rolls around it’s time to relax, grab a cold one, sit down with your squad, and catch up on some scuttlebutt. RT is here to provide you with some things that are worthy of talking about over a good pint with a few friends.

Written By: David Souza

It’s Not The Flavor, It’s the Texture…

One of the recent hot topics surrounding The Old Republic is that of the client’s rendering of graphics textures. While I understand the concern for those with high end machines—being such a user myself—I must say that the game’s visual appearance is already on the high-end of the spectrum for contemporary MMOs and I’m not sure I would consider this a priority over many other aspects to be addressed, all things considered. In any case, it IS of concern to many players and Stephen Reid chimed in with a highly detailed response which closes with the following assurances for the playerbase.

With that said, we’ve heard your feedback here loud and clear. The development team is exploring options to improve the fidelity of the game, particularly for those of you with high-spec PCs. It will be a significant piece of development work and it won’t be an overnight change, but we’re listening and we’re committed to reacting to your feedback.

For the full explanation of what’s going on check out this link.

Ask A Jedi How To Run a Guild

One of the more popular columns here on RT is our Command Decisions, which focuses on guilds and what it takes to keep them healthy and functional. This is an area that is at the heart of every MMO and is, in many ways, the most important aspect of the experience. When I see a great piece written about guilds I always sit there nodding my head and finding myself drawn in by the wisdom of the writer. Lady Republic over at AskAJedi has penned one of the best guild articles I’ve seen in a long time which will prove invaluable to any newcomers to the guild management scene. So get a cup of coffee and check it out here.

Doctors Party Too!

The awesome team over at TORWars managed to snagged some words with one of BioWare’s Dynamic Duo, Dr, Greg Zeschuk. In the piece he speaks about some of his gameplay experiences and offers some insight into the post-launch party mentality over at BioWare!

From TORWars
We had a really cool holiday party in December, but we are also looking at doing it up right early in 2012 with a SWTOR launch party. We joked about having two beers: one named the Light and the other the Dark, and yes, they would be light and dark styles (e.g. a Wit and a Stout, for example).

The problem with having a huge party right around launch is that a ton of people are still working a lot to support the recently live game so lots of people wouldn’t be able to participate. By waiting a couple months things settle (slightly) and get into a more regular cadence and we can really have a good time!

Take a few moments with the Doctor over a TORWars by hitting this awesome link.

A Child Of A Broken Home

An industry friend pointed me at an interesting article over at Behemoth Gaming. I have to say that personally I agree with about half of what was written and disagree with the other half, but it offers a great perspective on how some players are feeling about their transition for World of Warcraft to The Old Republic, and the author mentions many of his personal pros and cons about TOR. If you are so inclined to check it out give it a read here.

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  1. 1ceTr0n Says:

    First time post here. I really wish Bioware would have done a better job of the grass rendering distance. It really kills the atmosphere to watch the grass and vegitation “grow” 100 feet in front of me as I walk around worlds like Taris or Alderaan. Sadly, this game launches in late 2011 and it doesn’t look as good as SWG did back in 2003. There is something wrong with that, despite the other pluses the game has.

  2. Andy Says:

    Hey 1ceTr0n – welcome to RT and thanks for the post.

    While I agree the game “could” look better…its miles apart from SWG in terms of graphics.

    I’m not sure what settings you play on, but I have all of my settings set to maximum and I have not seen the grass growing problem. But, I have heard from others who have high-end machines that they have had some graphics glitches here and there. We’re only 3 weeks or so into full launch, I am sure if there are issues they will be resolved soon.

  3. 1ceTr0n Says:

    I run mine at full crank too and trust me, SWG still has an edge over SWTOR in many ways, especially character customization. As far as the grass, next time your on a grass filled planet, walk around and notice how the grass seems to “grow” in front of you instead of fading into view like it does in most other games. Its a poor rendering job and the more I look into it, the more the hero engine for SWTOR is just a poor choice period in comparison to other MMO’s engines. Owell, game is still alot of fun, I jus wish Bioware would have put more effort into the visualization

  4. Andy Says:

    Have to say I 100% agree on the character customization. I’m still waiting for an MMO that gives me City of Heroes style character customization. WoW was incredibly limited and TOR seems to be in that same boat.

    I’ll keep my eye out for the grass issue.

    /salute Trooper!

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