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The Weekend Furlough – BioWare Has Constructed A New Banhammer!

The Weekend Furlough – BioWare Has Constructed A New Banhammer!

When the weekend rolls around it’s time to relax, grab a cold one, sit down with your squad, and catch up on some scuttlebutt. RT is here to provide you with some things that are worthy of talking about over a good pint with a few friends.

Written By: David Souza

BioWare Bringing Down the Hammer!

I’ve always hated cheating. In fact, I think what makes heroes so much more interesting than villains is that they manage to win even without resorting to underhanded tactics. At the same time I’m not a snitch, and I’ve always been more likely to tell someone he’s being a negative member of the community (perhaps a bit more graphically) and let him go about his shady dealings until the real authorities catch him red-handed. Well, BioWare has been gearing up The Old Republic to do just that and I wish them continued success in bringing down all those who knowingly exploit the game.

Need More Crowd Control

One of the best new community columns to come around in quite some time has surfaced over at Darth Hater. Entitled “Crowd Control” the column focuses on demographic information gleaned directly from polling done directly from the DH site. Their first installment shows some interesting information surrounding the class choices in the game and the tendencies of each class to skew toward light or dark side. This is a column I will personally be looking forward to in the future. Make sure you check it out here.

An Industry Vet Speaks of BioWare…

As long time readers know we here at Republic Trooper are not just Star Wars enthusiasts, we’re fans of great MMOs and RPGs everywhere. So it’s been with a keen eye that we’ve been following any little tidbit regarding 38 Studios development of the Copernicus MMO. And while the developers have remained decidedly tight-lipped about it, a brand new interview with Ken Rolston has shed some light on some questions the community has had.

What makes this so interesting to the TOR community is the fact that Ken references BioWare very positively in two places. In one he refers to Baldur’s Gate as, “my favorite gameplay RPG,” and in another he states that BioWare is one of the four major reasons that RPGs have evolved in the direction they have. It’s a great read throughout, and I recommend giving it a few minutes of your time.

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