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Command Decisions – You Can Take That To The Bank!

Command Decisions - You Can Take That To The Bank!

Command Decisions is a column where Republic Troopers can get the skinny on the ins and outs of guilds and the officers and members that keep them running like well-oiled war machines.

Written By: Lady Republic

Hello, and welcome my first article for Republic Trooper’s Command Decisions column – a place to talk about all things guild-related. As some of you may know, I used to write Council Chambers, which was the guild management and advice column over on the former Ask A Jedi. We’ve always enjoyed a close partnership with the folks at Republic Trooper, and I’m delighted to be able to continue writing about guilds and troubleshooting over here! On that note, as with my former columns – always feel free to post in the comments section below with any questions, topics for advice, suggestions, or helpful feedback.

This week, we’ll be talking about one of the new features introduced in Patch 1.2 – Guild Banks. Guild banks in TOR are very helpful – but also very expensive. In fact, to purchase all 7 tabs for your new guild bank, you will be spending a total of 59,910,000 credits. At the Guild Summit in March, the developers said that in their demographic data, the average player only has about 400,000 credits at any given time. So – saving up for nearly 60 million credits is a serious endeavor.

This begets the question – who is ultimately responsible for buying a guild bank? The larger question inherent in this of course is how much should a guild leader be expected to provide for his or her members? If you’ve ever run a guild, you’re familiar with this question. The guild bank is a subset of this question, but also one of the most tangible in the current game. With each tab’s cost doubling per purchase, that’s a tremendous financial investment for any single player. There are a few models to deal with the costs inherent in a guild bank, and the right solution will really depend on the type of guild you have, their activity levels, and guild “personality.”

  • The Guild Leader buys the bank tabs. This is perhaps the most straightforward, though it puts the greatest burden on a single person. If you run a very small guild, or a family guild where your members are your actual family, or happen to have a wealth of credits you’re willing to contribute, this may be the best solution for your group.
  • Member contributions buy the bank tabs. This is the most popular model of guild bank purchase in games without “guild taxes” (something hard-coded into the game that contributes a certain percentage of player quest rewards directly to the guild bank). Some people set a flat amount for each member to contribute, though most just have an open donation system – similar to how many guilds will have a “contribute here” button on sponsored websites to help pay for voice-over chat or hosting. Under this model, the guild leader spreads the word to help kick in funds to buy tabs, and then members contribute on their own to purchase the tabs. This works best for either very close-knit guilds (even if you’re small, but all actively invested), or for medium and larger sized guilds with a number of people to contribute. It also requires faith in the guild leader. Never, and I do stress never, steal from member contributions. The vast majority of guild leaders never would, but my goal is to encourage that small percentage not to.
  • Fundraising Nights – This is a newer idea I’ve heard floating around, and I think it’s a very clever one. The problem with the first model is that the cost is solely born by one person, and in the second model, it’s rarely equitable. Some people contribute a lot while others give nothing. Under a “fundraising night” model, the guild plans one night (I’d recommend once a month) where everyone goes out to run their daily quests in groups and turns in all their proceeds from those to the guild bank. This is a very fast way to accumulate money. For instance, if you can get just 5 players to participate and run Ilum dailies, it requires only about 30 minutes and will give around 500,000 credits. Plus, doing it in groups can make it a fun team-building activity and helps break the monotony of the daily grind as well. Of the three models, this is my personal favorite. It seems to encourage teamwork as well as spread the burden around fairly well, and it’s fun!

There’s still a lot more to talk about with guild banks – how to handle repair costs and respec costs, item withdrawals, dealing with people that abuse withdrawals, how to come up with regulations for the goods within, and many other things. We’ll save those for another week, however.

So what methods have you used to save up and purchase guild banks in TOR or other games? What has worked best for you, and what has worked poorly? I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

Until next time – Lady Republic out.


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  1. Bomb Brightstarr Says:

    I am a guild master for Order of Operations on the Jedi Covenant server.

    We are a smaller guild that just started around the time patch 1.2 hit. I bought the first tab myself, but I have been thinking about how to handle the other tabs. I have already reached out to the officers of the guild and requested a weekly officer tax, but that won’t be enough to cover the growing cost of bank tabs.

    I like the idea of fundraising. I’ve also bounced around the idea of a guild lottery of sorts, but I need to check the EULA on some of this before I can implement. I’m also implementing guild challenges that pay credit rewards, so perhaps I can twist that to help in this process as well.

    Nice article. Thank you, Lady Republic.

  2. Major Snarl Says:

    Great to see you again, Lady R! I was very sad when Ask A Jedi shut its doors but am happy to see you’re here.

    I like the fundraising ideas as well, for all the reasons mentioned. I do wish BW would implement a soft tax like WoW does. If the player isn’t being dinged (vs. having an actual “fee” removed from their looting), then that wouldn’t be so bad.

    I’m really hoping that upcoming patches will deal with permissions, so that I could delegate banking responsibilities to a rank other than my own and even to another person’s character rather than only the one that holds the rank of GM. Having only one character to be able to manage the bank is a secure, single point of failure but it presupposes that that person will be always available on that character. That’s just not realistic and encourages burnout; if I have to manage that in addition to dealing with other member issues, that’s a lot of time taken away from playing. I feel sorry for those GMs that are also raid leaders, that’s like a triple whammy.

    I’d rather have someone be designated as the Banking Officer, or the Exchequer if you will, and manage the bank–get rid of junk in there, sell items on the GTN, that kind of thing.

  3. Tiefighter Says:

    Well you gave me a guilt trip :) , Ill have to give the boss man some money now !

  4. LadyRepublic Says:

    Thanks folks! So what would you like to see next time, any suggestions?

  5. tBenk Says:

    There haven’t been new articles for 10 days now…

  6. tBenk Says:

    Day 11 of searching for a new post…
    Progress: None

  7. Tiefighter Says:

    mmm Ill leave the last two comments alone :)

    Im not a guild leader or even an officer but I have noticed one dynamic in ours ,there are two or three people that are just gearing up thru raids that’s it , they only turn up once a week , no daily’s no hard modes.

    The good news is we are past the running them at 12 to 13k health we are all geared to 17k and above.The only one that turns up every week without fail is getting towards 19k.

    The bad news is that Denova is a step up again , If everyone was running once a week daily and the rakgaul weekly they would be looking at their second black hole gear ?

    Now we run once a week and are very casual . Its not my place to say any thing but….. what to do ?

  8. LadyRepublic Says:

    Sorry! The Command Decisions piece was originally conceived as either every other week or every month. I can try to work on a more regular schedule if there’s interest though?

    In any case, still out here and pondering ideas for the next topic. Given the news of server transfers dropping Tuesday, I think I know where to begin…

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