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Time For Some R&R Troopers!

Time For Some R&R Troopers!

An update on Republic Trooper and a massive thank you to all of our readers!

Written By: Andy Muchmore

This past week, July 2nd to be exact, Republic Trooper turned 1 – happy birthday RT! Although it is our birthday week, I felt it was appropriate to update all of you with the status of RT as a whole. Obviously over the past several months things have slowed to a crawl and I would like to personally address the situation.

Three years ago a very good friend of mine, Dave, approached me with the idea of At the time I was neck deep in other projects and I was unavailable to help out, even though I was eagerly following the development of Star Wars: The Old Republic. Over the years I would get phone calls, emails, texts, and the like asking if and when I would be available to “make it happen.” Around May of last year I was finally in a place where I could offer my services to Dave and help build Republic Trooper from the ground up. After several months of planning and development RT saw its first public reader and we were off to the races!

Since that time RT has seen tremendous growth and acceptance within the overall Star Wars: The Old Republic community – and I have to say, all of us cannot thank you enough for being readers, listeners, fans, and for not only playing the Trooper class in game, but being believers in BioWare and SWTOR to begin with. When RT went live we were woefully late to the game, in terms of established fan sites, but we did this for the love of the game, the love of the class, and to be honest – the love of the company that made it all happen. As long time gamers we had faith that a company like BioWare would, without a doubt, blow our minds with their new MMO.

Within a few months of being a live fan site we met and created lasting relationships with many of the premiere fan sites out there – Ask A Jedi, R2-DB, TOR Syndicate, TORWars, and even BioWare themselves. Our little slice of Internet Nerd-Pie had become a thriving community of eager Troopers awaiting their orders to abolish the Sith at a moment’s notice.

Since that time a lot has happened. SWTOR Beta, and I mean BETA, before the open weekends and all that jazz. Then we had Early Game Access, followed quickly by full launch week. All of us dove in head first eating up every piece of Star Wars goodness and not looking back. At that time – the peak of SWTOR’s popularity – our site was exploding in growth. What started with two gamer friends, who happened to be epic Star Wars fanboy’s, pinnacled when the RT staff grew to over 27 people – fan fiction authors, game analysts, podcasters, editors, graphic designers, web developers, etc. It was a fanboy’s dream come true. We had created a truly awesome place for like minded players to learn more about their class and discuss everything game related and then some, with others.

Now, fast forward about 8 weeks after launch to the middle of February. By this time many of us were hitting level 50, or had already been level 50 for weeks on end. Patch 1.1 had released, but the minimal content it had was unable to keep people’s attention. Our staff of 27 began to dwindle at an extremely rapid pace, but we still pushed forward, knowing we could weather the storm. A month later, the site was essentially back to a team of three – myself, Dave, and Mike (who was our first addition back in Sept.). This was when discussions about how the three of us can sustain the site began to happen.

Around this time many other SWTOR players were literally fleeing the game. Not because it was bad, not because it was not fun, but just because it “didn’t keep their attention” anymore. This is when I personally cancelled my account (even though it was paid through August 17, 2012) – I just became tired of playing by myself even though I was in a guild of 100+ members. Dave, Co-Founder of RT, had also essentially stopped playing the game around the same time but had not cancelled his account yet. That just left Mike, who was still actively playing, albeit incredibly casually.

All of this added up to RT hitting a severe slow down in terms of everything – content, forums, visitors – everything SWTOR based was beginning to come to a crawl. We stopped doing our podcast, the writers that were left no longer wrote, our forums went from 15 new posts a day to 1 new post a week. As much as we wanted to keep going, it was clear: the time for RT was coming to an end.

We’ve done everything in our power to try and keep things going, current, and up to date, but it’s just gotten to a point where the three of us – especially two who no longer play – can’t keep everything updated at the rate it should be.

So, with that – sadly, we will be essentially closing down The site and forums will remain live so people can still find archived content or at least have a Trooper based community to host discussions with. Make no mistake we still visit the forums and will continue to do so, but outside of that, Republic Trooper is essentially no more.

I, we, can’t thank all of you enough for the experience you have given us. We’ve found many new friends, we’ve been blasted by fans (thanks Reddit), we’ve been applauded by BioWare (Stephen Reid & David Bass, you’re E P I C!), and we’ve had simply the best experience ever working on a site that started off as nothing and actually became a fan site. Without you, our readers and community members, all of this would be for naught. So, for that Troopers, I give one final /salute. You will all be severely missed.

In closing, I would like to add that while RT may be on hiatus, all of us are still HUGE gaming fans and even more so, MMO fans. Some of us, along with others from the TOR Community have moved on to a new gaming project – Titan Everything – which is following the development of Blizzard Entertainment’s upcoming MMO, currently codenamed “Project Titan”. Feel free to hit us up at, or on our Twitter @TitanEverything.

Every end is simply a new beginning. Thank you all for everything – may the Force be with you all…forever.


Andy, Dave & Mike Founders & Staff

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  1. Geldarion Says:

    I am truly sorry to hear that you are going to be ceasing activities on this site. I have loved your site since pre-launch, and I even wanted to write for you: at one point sending an email to see if you needed a PvP or Commando perspective. You had a great thing going here, and I am sure that your community will be here if you ever wish to return. I for one will keep you in my feed reader and in my bookmarks to see if you ever post again, and I will still peruse your site for anything I missed. I wish you luck in your future endeavors.

    Over and out,

  2. Koleran Says:

    Good luck guys. For what it’s worth, I think we’ll look back and see 1.3 as the turning point in the game. Give it a shot after you’ve had some well-deserved rest. And fair winds on your further adventures.

  3. Mike Says:

    Thank you guys, your support is very very awesome. I’m still very active in the community as much as I can be. I play TOR a few times a week on Canderous Ordo and Prophecy of the 5 aaaand Eben Hawk.

    But I’m also spending a great deal of time on my fiction writing. If you enjoyed my 36 Hours, I’d love it if you stopped by and see what else I’m doing. It’s updated between 3-5 times a week :) But mostly I do fiction though I’m considering doing a blogcast about my TOR exploits for… some reason.


  4. Geldarion Says:

    You’re on Prophecy of the Five? I have an alt on that server, what is a good character to add as a friend? :) And I am adding that blog to my reader.

  5. Mike Says:

    Thanks Geld! Right now I’m playing around with a Sage-to-be named F’ex. I’ve done so many troopers I wanted something different for the time being. I saw your posts about PvE/PvP Gunslingers too but I’ve played those before already lol

  6. Andy Says:

    Thanks everyone for the positive comments. I can’t say enough how proud I am of the incredibly awesome community we were able to build here. You guys are really the best! Like I said in the post – we are keeping the site and forums live, so please feel free to keep on using them, we will all still post from time to time :)

    Who knows, we may possibly return at some point? ;)


  7. Hadris Says:

    Hate to see you guys go. I’ve never had a particular love for the trooper class, but your quality writing and informative posts always kept me coming back.

    @Mike – I’m on Canderous Ordo as well if you’d like to hit me up for anything. I’m usually rolling on Hadris.

  8. Mike Says:

    Hadris, got it! How about you Geldarion??

  9. Groo Says:

    I am so sad I just now came accross this site. I’ve been able to get some great info from it. I hope at some point it gets revived because there are so few sites that really focus on the trooper, which is by far my favorite class. I ended up deleting all my Jedi alts cause they just weren’t interesting enough.

    You all definitely have some of the best writing i’ve seen on the trooper class. I’m still playing my 50 Vangaurd main, and started a few commando healer and vangaurd dps alts, so i’m still looking for info.

    Good luck on your next project, I hope eventually you can find some people to help revive the site here.


  10. Aldasav Says:

    I know! I know! I’m late! And I haven’t been here often.. at all.. since those datacron posts. It was them I posted on last, right?

    Damn shame about the R&R, and damn irony it’s happening when I’m leaving my sub to slide off for time being. This site is awesome and damn you guys if no one picks it up again for the fellow troops! By the way, I’m rooting for that Titan fansite! Will probably keep spreading the word about it like I did for this site.. most of the time, anyway.

    As for TOR, I haven’t done anything either since 1.3 hit. I don’t know what it is. I think I feel confined if exposed too long to Bioware settings lately. Awesome as everything is, something about their terrain/doodad skills (pardon the terminology, I’m also into custom Starcraft creations – those words are important there!) or possible lack thereof is just driving me mad :D I’m probably going to speedlevel through the classes I haven’t bothered with (no offense but I just can’t play Force classes with those controls :( ) and have a look at the stories just because a friend provoked me to. I’ve willingly played through the smuggler one not too long ago, though. Totally topped the charts.

    Enough about that, though. I’ll miss all the writing here (36 Hours was awesome. I always read the parts the second I spotted them and kept annoying the hell out of every single IM contact I had with those links. Did I ever mention that? No? Now I did!) but I haven’t had the time to listen to all of the podcasts. Just some. They were great even though I never took the time to leap into discussion, but I did follow th- do I sound like a mindless fanboy yet? Yes? Damn, busted!
    But yes, I do hope will steer well into success and that maybe, just maybe, this site becomes more active again in the future!

    I’ll be around here, spreading redundant information from 1.3 to any new troopers with questions if no one beats me to it, hopefully even after my game time ran out. Whether I’ll return to TOR or not, we’ll see, I’ll keep my eyes at it. Anyone who hasn’t should really try out organizing some trooper-only action for PvP, PVE or RP, it brings a whole new breath of fresh air (and an interesting lack of lightsabers) into the game ;) Sadly I never got around to brave a hard mode operation with that setup, but we did tear down every PvE encounter we ran into! Except that.. Karagga’s Palace puzzle.. We’ve tried too few times to calibrate our strategy against the mine droids proper. Damn, all this rambling makes me want to go for it…

    Andy, Dave – best wishes from trooper to troopers!
    Mike – that blogcast sounds like a great idea! ;)


  11. Saulo D’Orion Says:

    This was my favorite SWTOR related site. I will miss Combat chatter and also the Short Stories. Good luck in your future endeavors and thank you for the information and fun you guys have provided for me!

  12. tBenk Says:

    This was also my favourite TOR fansite. I really loved reading this while I was playing TOR a lot, and even continued to read quite a bit after I just kind of stopped. I’ll miss Combat Chatter and the stats on the patches relating to troopers. I’ll miss the community of other troopers, and you guys especially.

    Andy, Dave, and Mike, – have fun in what ever you do now, best wishes!


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