| Everything You Need To Know About The Republic Trooper class in Star Wars: The Old Republic
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Trooper Companions

Companion Characters are an integral part of The Old Republic game and game play mechanics. Companions will be used to run your crafting missions and they are vital to your PvE combat performance. Additionally, they’ll allow you to substitute for missing roles in Flashpoints and they are at your side in open world PvP. The most subtle aspect that Companion Characters contribute to TOR is that of story, particularly when a player is soloing.

The Trooper class has six companions with varying skills and abilities, and capable of filling different roles in combat. Below you will find detailed on information on all of the Trooper’s Companion Characters.

Aric Jorgan

Trooper Companions: Aric Jorgan

A serious and sober soldier Aric is, in many ways, the poster-boy for Spec-Ops. He’s possesses a stoic calm in the face of danger and approaches every mission with a stark determination.

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Trooper Companions: C2-N2

While not officially a member of Havoc Squad, C2-N2 does his best to pull his own weight on the squad. As the service droid for Havoc Squad’s BT-7 Thunderclap and general quartermaster for the ship C2-N2 is not much of a combatant and is a bit of a nag at times.

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Elara Dorne

Trooper Companions: Elara Dorne

Perhaps the only squadmate that is more military-minded than Aric, Elara is the highly-principled combat medic of Havoc Squad. Having defected from the Empire because of moral differences with the Imperial command, she now serves The Republic in an attempt to save as many lives as possible.

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Trooper Companions: M1-4X

Years went into the planning, engineering and toil that produced M1-4X. A highly classified Republic assault droid, M1 was designed to be an utterly loyal Republic juggernaut of war. Though many may view him as merely a machine, he has a rather unique and up-beat personality unlike that of any other droid, which makes him a welcome addition to Havoc Squad.

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Tanno Vik

Trooper Companions: Tanno Vik

One of the most talented members of Havoc Squad, Tanno Vik is also one of the less disciplined ones. A master of demolitions and heavy weaponry, Tanno is driven more by the thrill of bloodshed than the righteousness of any cause.

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Trooper Companions: Yuun

Yuun is a bit of a mystery, but the mists that surround him will soon be revealed.

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