| Everything You Need To Know About The Republic Trooper class in Star Wars: The Old Republic
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Trooper Skill Trees And Calculators For The Commando And Vanguard

The Troopers of Havoc Squad are the finest soldiers the Galaxy has ever seen. Some say this is due to the extreme technological advantage of their armor and weapons, while others claim it is due to the rigid doctrine of Spec-Ops training. The truth of the matter is much more straight forward. Elite skills, developed through natural ability, dedication and long years of repetition and honing. Fold a vibroblade enough times and it will cut through anything.

Trooper Class Skill Tree Calculators

Commando & Vanguard Skill Tree Calculators

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Commando Skill Trees

Ask the soldiers of the Republic military if they would rather have an 10 Jedi Knights or a single Commando backing them up on the field and they’ll take the Commando every time. Whether patching up the wounded with the most advanced medical skills or systematically destroying all opposition in their way, a Commando is nearly a squad all by himself.

Combat Medic (Commando)

Combat Medic

Republic medicine is some of the most advanced in the Galaxy, and the combat medics of Havoc Squad are simply the best of the best when it comes to battlefield treatment. Trained by the Republic’s finest medical minds drawn from both the military and private sectors, many doctors are hard pressed to provide the type of care which a Havoc Squad combat medic is capable of upon the battlefield.

Havoc Squad is an elite group comprised of unique individuals which handle special missions, so it stands to reason that they would require the finest medical technology the Republic has to offer. Geared with advanced medical sensors and prototype field treatment probes the combat medics of Havoc Squad are fully equipped to deal with extreme wounds in real-time and to provide immediate treatment for all forms of ailments, from rare alien diseases to total body surface burns.

Role: Healer
Skills Focus: Wound treatment and support

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Gunnery (Commando)


Some Troops can dish out a serious beating, while others can open a full can of whoop-ass on their enemies. And after that are those members of Havoc Squad who excel at all of the heavy-fire weaponry and tactics that become available with mastery of the Gunnery tree. Outfitted with specialized Assault Cannons, Commandos specializing in Gunnery are amongst the most feared soldiers in the Galaxy.

Gunnery Commandos are qualified with the most cutting-edge firepower available to Republic Spec-Ops. Their training includes very advanced techniques to prepare for any situation they might encounter during an Op. Controlled burst fire for target elimination, suppressive cannon burst for crowd control and surgical demolition strikes for heavily armored target neutralization can all be performed at an unsurpassed level of expertise by a Gunnery Commando.

Role: Damage Dealer
Skill Focus: Heavy assault focusing on large area and single-target burst damage

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Vanguard Skill Trees

Soldiers are always in the thick of things, but none more so than the Vanguards of Havoc Squad. Called upon to enter zones so hot armored cavalry would fear to tread, Vanguards rely upon three things; their gear, wits and training. Every Vanguard masters the skills to stay alive through nigh-impossible odds and live to debrief about it late.

Shield Specialist (Vanguard)

Shield Specialist

While all Havoc Squad Vanguards are equipped with state-of-the-art shielding technology, those who enter the advanced school of Shield Specialist emphasize the defensive aspects of the Vanguard shielding technology and focus on them to the point of obsession. When the Republic has experimental shield-tech that they need to test in the field it’s the Shield Specialist that rises to the challenge.

Shield Specialists are veritable mobile fortresses, able to withstand immense amounts of punishment to see their missions through to completion. Superior shield recyclers and advanced ceramic armor braces enable the Vanguard Shield Specialist to increase the efficiency and flow of power through their armor’s energy cells. Through brilliant design this allows the Shield Specialist to re-route power for not only defense, but for close range attacks in the form of ion and energy blasts and bursts.

Role: Tank
Skill Focus: Advanced survival, damage mitigation and short-range energy attacks

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Tactics (Vanguard)


Havoc Squad has Ops that require a mix of mobility, resilience and destructive potential all in one; it is this type of Op that the Tactics Vanguard excels at. Trained to move about the battlefield with unparalleled mobility and deliver decisive strikes at range or in melee, the Vanguard trained in Tactics is often referred to as an armored wrecking ball.

Tactics Vanguards are some of the most versatile Troopers ever to grace the battlefield. Their standard-issue Vanguard shielding tech makes them more resilient than all but a Shield Specialist while their superb level of rifle and hand-to-hand training make them as deadly as any Trooper when an engagement proves to be on more intimate terms.

Role: Damage Dealer
Skill Focus: Short to mid-range mobile damage dealing and survivability

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Shared Skill Trees

Assault Specialist (Commando & Vanguard)

Assault Specialist

While Havoc Squad has several advanced schools of specialization even the Republic’s elite require members specialized in traditional combat tactics, and the Assault Specialist fills that role perfectly. Whether a member of Havoc is inducted as a Vanguard or a Commando makes no difference as long as the individual expresses a willingness and aptitude for the duty.

Assault Specialists are very well-rounded in their offensive skills. The bulk of an Assault Specialist’s training focuses upon increasing the kill potential of every action they take upon the battlefield. It is the job of an Assault Specialist to kill the enemy before the enemy kills him and his squad. To this end he is trained in all forms of lethal combat, and is deadly whether using assault plastique, a pulse cannon or a vibroblade.

Role: Damage Dealer
Skill Focus: The ability to kill targets at any range

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